Writing and the day job — It’s enough to make your hair curl

“Standing there at my car, the cop’s lips twitched. He was trying not to laugh. At me. Once again, I was driving to work with a head full of large, blue hair curlers … “

So goes my recent post at Women Writers. Women Books.  Actually, the piece is not really about hair curlers or human vanity. Instead, it’s about the realities of balancing our day job lives with our need to write.  It’s about making the monthly bills as we also make art. It’s about making trade offs–sacrificing one daily treat for the bigger  payout: writing time.

When I left my writing attic to go get me a job, I gave up the morning hair primp.

How about you? What have you given up or traded for  more personal or creative time in your life?

About Aine Greaney

I'm an Irish writer living in greater Boston. I've published four books--two novels, a small collection of short stories and a how-to writing book, "Writer with a Day Job" (Writers Digest Books). I've also published lots of short stories, essays and feature articles. My latest project, "What Brought You Here" is a non-fiction narrative about being an expatriate in America. Find me on Twitter @ainegreaney. Or at my author web page, www.ainegreaney.com. As well as creative writing, I am the communications director for a healthcare non-profit. I also lead creative writing workshops at various libraries, schools and arts programs. At my workshops, I've been inspired by lots of wonderful writers--most of whom work a day job!
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