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I'm an Irish writer living in greater Boston. I've published four books--two novels, a small collection of short stories and a how-to writing book, "Writer with a Day Job" (Writers Digest Books). I've also published lots of short stories, essays and feature articles. My latest project, "What Brought You Here" is a non-fiction narrative about being an expatriate in America. Find me on Twitter @ainegreaney. Or at my author web page, As well as creative writing, I am the communications director for a healthcare non-profit. I also lead creative writing workshops at various libraries, schools and arts programs. At my workshops, I've been inspired by lots of wonderful writers--most of whom work a day job!

5 Ways to Spot and Avoid Bad Writing Markets

I still remember that summer afternoon when my mother came upstairs to find me weeping into my pillow. I was 20 years old, and I had just discovered that my boyfriend had been two-timing me. I also remember my mother’s … Continue reading

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How Father Saved Christmas – Micro Memoir from an Irish Christmas

This is my contribution to the 2013 Virtual Advent Tour.  This blog tour was created by Kelly and Marg over at Virtual Advent to allow us to share a favorite Christmas or holiday memory. In western Christian tradition, the real-life Advent is all … Continue reading

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On Thanksgiving: What Immigrants Bring to Our Shores

This week, a local news reporter called me. He was doing a Thanksgiving-themed piece on people who had washed up here in our coastal New England town from other countries (a la pilgrims). He was looking for local expatriates or … Continue reading

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Your First Writing Draft: Typed or Handwritten?

I’m working on my first book-length memoir. It’s terrifying. The general theme or topic: My immigration, at age 24, to America. Rather than just a ME-moir, I blend the personal narrative with national and family history, economics and psychology to … Continue reading

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Books for Writers: Writer with a Day Job

Originally posted on The Happy Elephant Blog:
As writers, many of us dream of the day we’ll be able to give up our day jobs to write full time. We struggle to find time to write between, work and/or school,…

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For Labor Day: Seamus Heaney and Other Thoughts on Work and Writing

I wrote this exactly a year ago, never thinking that it would become one of many international elegies  for a great poet and wit and humanitarian. Séamus Heaney’s poem, “Digging” has always been my favorite piece of literature about work. Have … Continue reading

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Writers! Write to your own body rhythm

When my late mother met my then-boyfriend, she shared some maternal advice. “She’s a pure devil in the mornings,” she said, nodding toward me (I thought all devils were impure, but … anyway).  Then, my mother proceeded to describe those childhood … Continue reading

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Writing about Tough Stuff (and then getting on with your day?)

I’m writing my first book-length memoir. It’s something I thought I would never, ever write–that I would never have the stomach for.  But I am writing it. I feel compelled to write it. It’s called “What Brought You Here,” and it’s the … Continue reading

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Busy, Guilt-Ridden Writers! Write What You Can

Two weeks ago I attended an after-work spiritual retreat at Rolling Ridge, a  retreat facility and conference center that’s located only about a half-hour from my office. It had been a hectic week, so I welcomed this chance to kick … Continue reading

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Writing About Traumatic Events: How Soon Is Too Soon?

Last week, my audio essay,  “Sanctuary” was published at “The Drum: A Literary Magazine for Your Ears.”  As fond and proud as I am of this particular essay and this online literary magazine, having this piece of writing go public … Continue reading

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