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Tax Preparation for Writers: Tips and Zen and Pain

If you haven’t prepared your tax return yet, check out this great article on tax returns for artists, complete with an expense checklist for writers. This CPA’s site and ebook have all the info you need (note: this is not my own … Continue reading

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What I Learned On My Writer’s Vacation

Vacations used to make me feel guilty. And by “vacation,” I don’t mean my twice or three-times-a-year trips to a writers retreat. Yes, those trips are super relaxing, but only after the day’s writing gets done.  No, I’m talking about those sun, … Continue reading

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Jodi Picoult, Luanne Rice, Glen Cook: Your writing tips, please!

Are these facts or urban legend rumors?  Novelist Luanne Rice writes a book per year. Ditto for Jodi Picoult.  And here’s a definite one: I read that SciFi and fantasy novelist, Glen Cook has already cranked out 40 books during … Continue reading

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A More Palatable Sandwich–Writing, Parenting and Elder Care

This week, I have the great pleasure of welcoming Katherine Hauswirth, a working mother and professional writer from Connecticut. Katherine is the author of Harriet’s Voice: A Writing Mother’s Journey, available through amazon.com or offthebookshelf.com.  As well as being a working … Continue reading

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Our Just Desserts (Psst! No Calories)

  When I published “Writer with a Day Job” (Writers Digest Books, 2011), I hoped that it would instigate us day-job writers to get chatting and sharing our strategies for balancing work with writing. Or I thought that some readers might comment on the book’s tutorials … Continue reading

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