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Writers, Learn Lots from a Wind Chime

“Where did we get that new wind chime? I asked my husband. We had just brewed some Saturday morning coffee, so my brain was still in sludge mode. Sitting there on our back deck, he peered over his coffee mug at … Continue reading

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On Valentine’s and Beyond: How to Woo (and love) a Writer

10 Ways to Woo (and love) a Writer 1.       Forgive our occasional social gaffes, like when we  gaze off mid-dinner and mid-sentence to let that bistro meal grow cold. We’re not ignoring you. Honest.  We’re writing. Or eavesdropping.  Same thing. 2.       When we’re doing … Continue reading

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Writers: Oh, We of Little Faith

“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The nuns at my convent secondary school said I’d lost it. Faith, that is. I had lost my faith. I only believed in things … Continue reading

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A More Palatable Sandwich–Writing, Parenting and Elder Care

This week, I have the great pleasure of welcoming Katherine Hauswirth, a working mother and professional writer from Connecticut. Katherine is the author of Harriet’s Voice: A Writing Mother’s Journey, available through amazon.com or offthebookshelf.com.  As well as being a working … Continue reading

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Help Wanted: Love Potion # 5

Look who’s dropped on by! It’s T.J. Alexian, who is one of the working authors interviewed in “Writer with a Day Job.”  T.J.  (a pen name) works full time in Public Relations and is the author of three novels. He’s the father of … Continue reading

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Our Just Desserts (Psst! No Calories)

  When I published “Writer with a Day Job” (Writers Digest Books, 2011), I hoped that it would instigate us day-job writers to get chatting and sharing our strategies for balancing work with writing. Or I thought that some readers might comment on the book’s tutorials … Continue reading

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Writer with a Day Job – Welcome

Creative Writing: You want the Side Salad with That? I got the idea for the book,  “Writer with a Day Job” while sitting outside my office building.  This was the corporate building (I have since switched jobs) where I made my living, to … Continue reading

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